All orders will be shipped in 4 to 5 business days

Terms and Conditions

1. Delivery time frame : three to four weeks

2. All the stocks are estimates. If we run out on any stock, we will provide full refund. If something damages during transit to us or to you, we will take care of it 100%

3. Prices change with season, demand and supply, international freight charges and the currency exchange

4. International shipments are only allowed if payments are with a wire transfer

5. E-mail us for wire transfer details and your order -

6. Address changes are not allowed to avoid misuse of the membership. However, if you are moving then email us to change your address

7. No cancellations are allowed once an order is placed, in case you want to cancel the order you will have to pay 10% restocking fee

8. If there is any misuse of the membership that account will get cancelled

9. All testers comes with brown box and no cap